Tonight at a Glance


    The Tonight at a Glance view provides a concise summary of what is happening in the sky. It shows important information for the Sun, Moon, planets and selected satellites. Tapping an entry will take you to the Object Info for that object so you can learn more about it.

    The constellation and distance information refers to where the object is "right now" relative to your current location. For the Sun, Moon and planets, the rise and set times are calculated for the current day. For example Sun rise time is when it rose, or will rise today, not necessarily for the next Sun rise. For satellites, the rise and set times refer to the next visible pass of the satellite.

    The Tonight at a Glance view also has information about any Iridium flares in the next 24 hours. An Iridium flare happens when the satellite's reflective antennae act like a signal mirror and reflect the Sun's light down to your specific location. If you are watching the satellite when it flares you will see it suddenly increase in brightness. By tapping the Iridium satellite's entry you can go to the Object Info and see the exact altitude and azimuth where the flare will happen in the sky.