Account Help


    Account Help

    Your SkySafari user data is backed up automatically by storing it on your device and synchronizing it with our cloud server.

    When you first launch the app, you are assigned an automatically generated and anonymous username and password. The app uses this information to backup your data on our server. The username and password combination is stored in your device's keychain, allowing you to restore your data if the app is reinstalled.

    Sign Up For LiveSky

    Sign up for LiveSky to enjoy convenient access to your SkySafari app data on any web browser from any device. Set up an account by entering your email and password in the 'Account Settings' section of the Settings view.

    After you sign up, 'Account Settings' becomes a view of your account. From here you can change your email address, request another verification email, launch the portal, or switch to another account.

    SkySafari includes a free Basic Subscription to LiveSky, providing you with access to your data. An optional Premium subscription allows you to edit and manage your data, in addition to providing you with access to an online version of SkySafari that can be accessed from any browser on any device.

    You can also launch LiveSky by tapping the LiveSky button in the main toolbar. If you have not signed up yet, tapping this button will prompt you to do so.


    SkySafari 6 allows you to store and back up your data (observing lists, observations, saved settings files etc) to our LiveSky server. Backup To LiveSky is on by default. Tap the switch to the off position to disable automatic backups.


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      Phillip Shetler

      I paid for all the apps features but it still does not work, why is that?

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      Keiron Smith

      Hi Phillip,

      What does not work? is free at this time.


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