Adding images to Starry Night


    There are several ways to see more images in Starry Night:

    1) There are several databases (that may not be "on" by default) that contain images of various objects. Open the "Options" pane on the left under "Deep Space", select (check) any with the word "Images" in their names. Feel free to check the others too!

    2) One other way to see images is to use one of the built-in image download services to add one to Starry Night. Simply right-click the object (or area of the sky) and choose "Add Image..." That will bring up the Starry Night image editor and you can choose "From SkyView" to add an image from an online image service. Your best bet is the DSS option as it has full sky coverage.

    Alternately, if you find an image on the net, you can download it and add it using the same method, but choose "From File" in the Image Editor window.