Video: Starry Night V6 | Limiting Magnitudes

    Please try the following:
    1. Click the Home button.
    2. Set the Time to 12:00am (or thereabouts)
    3. Uncheck all the Planet-Moons and Deep Space/Other star databases in the Options (side panel) - everything except for the Stars ----> Stars options.  Make sure all the databases under Deep Space and Other are all unchecked.
    4.  Click on the word "Limit by magnitude" to bring up the "Limit stars by magnitude" options.  For this example, choose the same settings that I have = 7.95 <---> 8.00.
    5.  Click on the word "Stars" to bring up the "Number of stars" submenu.  Slide the slider to the right ---> More/slower.
    The night sky should look black.
    6. Zoom in to about 10x5.  You should see some stars.  
    7. Take the mouse/cursor, and hover over any star.  
    The result: You should find that every star you can see has a magnitude that falls within the range that we have defined.
    8. Zoom in and out.  You should not see additional stars added to or subtracted from the range of visible stars
    9. Click on the word "Stars" to bring up the Stars submenu.  Slide the slider to left - Fewer.  The visible stars in this range become dimmer/fainter.
    See the video to reproduce my example :)