Keplers Objects of Interest (Cumulative)


    (The following text has been provided within the .zip file directory)

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    Description:  Cumulative Listing of the 5779 Kepler Objects of Interest divided into 13 Starry night Databases (A-M).   In addition a Kepler-FOV starry night settings file has been provided.

    Instructions:  Import all Databases (*.ssd) into the correct file directory in accordance to the instruction in the readme file (Provided) and close Starry Night.  Upon reopening Starry Night, use the Kepler-FOV.snf included.  This settings file has been centered on Keplers field of view and has only selected these Database files for your convenience.

    Notes:  I was having some unbelievable syntax errors for reasons beyond me while I was attempting to create KOIs-A as a result a few changes were made to this DB.  The Cat# was replaced with a sequential row ID number and the Kepler ID was added as an extra label.  Further the ‘Kepler Disposition’ and ‘NEA Disposition’ fields were removed.  This only happened on the KOIs-A DB.  Otherwise all Objects in the entire series should be accurate.

    Also All Objects are Cataloged as stars in this series although this may not be correct.

    The Magnitudes are false, the original source does not provide the magnitude for these objects.  I manually added the magnitudes myself to very the visibility of the objects, so they don’t all show at once. (Otherwise, you would have pretty much a white blotch in the Kepler field of view.)

    I built the Databases from this file, cunulative.csv pulled from:

    I hope you guys like this, it took me two days to set this up.  I will try to update this as I have time.