High Resolution surface maps of Mars and Earth


    Zoom in and explore the surface of Mars and Earth in unprecedented detail with new higher resolution surface maps.



    The Mars shaded color map in Starry Night Pro Plus is a 24 bit color map representing the Mars land mass topography above the sea. Map was enhanced by Mario Rossi.



    Hover above the Earth and take a quick dive into the atmosphere for a detailed surface map with1 km (0.6 miles) resolution.

    These highly detailed images may slow down your computer. If you experience slow downs when viewing these images, you can adjust the quality level.

    Try it out: Adjusting planet surface image quality.

    1. Open the Options Pane and expand the Solar System layer.
    2. Click on the word “Planets-Moons” to open a dialog box with options for altering the appearance of planets.
    3. In the Planet-Moons options dialog box, move the Surface slider towards Less surface detail. This will increase the performance but lower the quality of the surface map.
    4. Click OK to save your settings.