The "Update Comets/Asteroids/Satellites" option is not working properly.


    Starry Night updates Comet, Asteroid and Satellite data daily.  To download the latest available data, select Update Comets/Asteroids/Satellites from the LiveSky menu.  An internet connection is required for this feature.

    If you receive an error message when trying to download the update, it is likely due to your internet security settings.  Try the following:

    1.  Configure your Internet Security or Firewall software (such as Norton Security) to allow Starry Night to access the Internet.  In the event this does not work, attempt to disable your Internet Security or Firewall software temporarly while the update is being done.

    2.  (Windows only) Disable the Windows XP Firewall.  The Firewall can be accessed in the Control Panel under Security Centre.

    3.  Starry Night does not support Proxy servers.  

    If all else fails, you can still download and install the files manually.  Click on the links below to download the Comets.txt, Asteroids.txt and Satellites.txt files.  Then place these files in the application's Sky Data folder.  

    On Windows: My Computer/Local Disk/Program Files/Starry Night <name> 6/Sky Data

    On the Mac: Ctrl-click on the Starry Night application icon and select Show Package Contents.  Navigate to Contents/Resources/Sky Data .




    Current SkyCalendar (place in Sky Data/Calendars folder, and rename so that the current month and year are in the filename):


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      Pratyush Kumar

      my version is 6.4.3 and it says unable to update at this time


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      somayeh Hajkhalili

      Hi, I use an I start to use your link,but the files could not download,I copied them and pasted in Notepad.bus my Starry Night could not read them,how can I solve it?


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      Keiron Smith

      On Windows make sure to run Starry Night in administrator mode.  Right click and choose Run As Admin.  Updates are often blocked by Windows UAC.

      If you continue to encounter difficulty please submit a ticket for assistance.

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      Jeffrey W. Griffith

      I carefully did all of the above, but had no luck. Putting the new text files in place of the existing ones resulted in the asteroids, comets and satellites ceasing to appear in the night sky display altogether. Now, my Mac is running Sierra, but Starry Nights was installed long before the Sierra upgrade to OS X, so, as you wrote elsewhere on here, it should still be able to run properly. But that appears not to be the case. I was reduced to restoring the last auto-updated text files, but that means that the data files for those items are out of date.

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      Samuel Dupree

      I'm running StarryNight Pro Plus 8 on a Mac Pro (2019) under Mac OS X Catalina (10.15.5). I was hoping to update the Two-Line Element (TLE) Sets to pick up the element set for CREW DRAGON DEMO-2. The link does not have the TLE for Crewed Dragon, but I do not see an up to date TLE for ISS (25544). I suspect the automatic update is not working.

      Please Advise.

      Samuel Dupree,

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      Keiron Smith

      Samuel, you can add the orbital elements manually via File > Add New Satellite

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      c'est vraiment dommage que la V8 ne soit pas mise à jour des bugs, j'ai le même problème; PLUS celui des FOC avec caméra de guidage :-((((((((( mille fois depuis plus d'1 an


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      it's a shame that the V8 is not updating bugs, I have the same problem; PLUS that of FOCs with guidance camera: - ((((((((thousand times for more than 1 year