SN7 - How to add every single known asteroid to the database (Mac OSX)


    Open Starry Night, go to Preferences ---> Start Up

    Under maximum number of asteroids you can change it too "99999"

    Restart SN7.

    Note, you will need a fast computer to read in all the asteroids. FAST. Otherwise your computer will choke.

    If you want the ENTIRE available asteroid database look here:

    Download this:

    Unpack the .gz file. Rename the "astorb.dat" file as "Asteroids.txt"

    Place the file in the SkyData folder found here:

    1. From the Finder menu bar navigate to Go > Go to Folder.
    2. Type: ~/Library
    3. In Library go to Application Support ---> Simulation Curriculum ---> Starry Night Prefs ---> Sky Data <--- put the Asteroids.txt file in here.

    If you get it to work, you'll have something that looks like this:

    See first iMac mockup w/ asteroids image (and thirst slider in the carousel).