Can I print images in colour?


    You cannot print images in colour by using the File ->Print command.

    However, there is a way around this. Set up the screen so that it shows the image you wish to print out. Choose File ->Export as Image. This opens a window which allows you to save the screen as a graphical image. The bottom left corner of this window has a dropbox which allows you to save the image in several popular formats, such as a "jpeg" or a "pict". Once you have saved this image, you can open it a program such as Internet Explorer and choose File ->Print to print out a colour image


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      Stan Shore

      In the EXPORT AS IMAGE dialog window   I use the   SAVE IN   field to specify Lightroom3.6 or Photoshop  5

      But it can't be found in either application.

      Your video on this subject is terrible;  such low resolution the words are illegible and the location of image saved IS NOT EVEN DISCUSSED.



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      Keiron Smith

      1.  The image is "saved as" a specified file type.  For example, choosing "Photoshop" creates a .PSD file.

      2.  Then the image is "saved to" a folder or location of your choosing ---> selected from "Where".




      The image is not "saved into" any other program.  If you want to open the image in Photoshop you will need to open the Photoshop program, then select "open file" or "import" and then search for the image in the folder or location where it was saved.


      Thanks for the feedback about the videos.  

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      Stan Shore

      Keiron, under the FILE menu there are 2 choices: 'Export as Image' and 
      'Save As'. I tried both. 'Save As' was sent to a new folder in the 
      library folder (Windows 7) I named Starry _Night. Dragged to photoshop the 
      file was not recognized.

      Then I took the 'Export as Image' route. Saved to the same folder as above 
      and dragged to Photoshop. See attachment.

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      Stan Shore

      My attempt above using the Export as Image used the TIFF file. Then I 
      used the Photoshop Image choice and it worked but the file was small, 
      1655 pixels by 873. Since I print at 360 pixels/inch this would print as a 
      5.6 by 2.4 inch photo. Can Starry Night give me a larger file?

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      Keiron Smith

      1.  Choose "Export as image".

      2.  Choose your file type; i.e. Photoshop (.psd).

      3.  Choose "Options".  <--- This allows you to adjust the resolution/bit depth.  You may need to experiment with this setting.  Try saving the file as "JPEG image" and then for Options choose "Quality ---> Best".

      I imagine the best image resolution is going to be something similar to your monitor set up (i.e. for my laptop 1280x800 or a little less than that since it is not a full screen image).

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      Kendrick Pereira

      I followed instructions to Save as Image and selected .jpg.  The file was saved in the folder of my choice. There was no problem or hiccup.

      I have not actually printed out a hard copy yet so cannot comment further at the minute.