Can I get Starry Night to show the time using the 24-hour clock?


    Yes. On Windows Starry Night looks to the Windows registry to determine the time format. If it can't find a registry entry for regional date settings then it defaults to the 12 hour clock. Unfortunately UK Windows does not automatically place the date format in the registry where Starry Night expects to see it. To work around this, you should open the "Regional Settings" control panel, switch the time format to something other than the current setting, click OK, then reopen the "Regional Settings" control panel and switch to the 24-hour clock. After restarting Starry Night it should be using the new time format. On the Macintosh you can reset the time format from the Date and Time control panel. After restarting Starry Night it should be using the new time format.


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      Linda Freeman

      Where is the regional settings control panel?

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      Bruce Keller

      I just installed Starry Night Pro 7.1.1.  It does not show the 24 hr format in the program even though my computer is set for 24 hr time.  What can I do?

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      Bruce Keller


      I have tried to change the time format to 24 hr on my iMac but it doesn't change.  Any Mac users have a solution?  I prefer to use the 24 hr (military) time format and do on everything.  The suggestion from Keiron Smith from April 4, 2012 does not work for me.


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      Keiron Smith

      Go to System Preferences ---> Language & Region ---> Time Format ---. check 24 hours.

      Look at the attached image.

      Restart SN7.

      Does that work for you?