Entering home location latitude & longitude coordinates


    There are several way to enter your coordinates into Starry Night. The two most popular are discussed below.

    1. (Degrees:Minutes:Seconds) 

    xxd xxm xxs (N, S, E, W)

    d represents degrees
    m represents minutes
    s represents seconds

    An example would be:

    Latitude: 43d 15m 15s N
    Longitude: 78d 15m 15s W

    2. Decimal format

    xx.xxxx (N, S, E, W)

    An example would be:

    Latitude: 39.739 N
    Longitude: 104.9840 W

    A popular source of decimal format coordinates is http://heavens-above.com .

    When you enter your coordinates in the Set Home Location window, Starry Night will always change your coordinates to the following format:

    xx° xx.xxx'

    Don't be alarmed. Although your coordinates are in a different format, they are identical to the ones you entered. Only the format as changed.

    As a double check, ensure the "red x" is over your approximate location in the world map.