SkyGuide Apollo11 on the Moon shows Earth Pro Plus 7


    Every time when i want to use SkyGuide>Space Missions>Apollo11>On the Moon it actually change my viewing location but it change apollo panorama to Kluane National park. I tried to set it through options>Viewing Locations and reset default panorama to apollo11 panorama. But it wont work. And its not only mine problem. Coleague have this problem too. Any help or advice will be aprishiated. Thanks



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      Keiron Smith

      Hi Filip,

      I'm not sure I understand the issue completely.  The wrong panorama is used for Apollo 11- On the Moon (SkyGuide).  We can fix this in the next update so the correct panorama is displayed.  Aside from that, is there anything else we need to fix about this issue?


      Thanks for your feedback!

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      Filip Fenidean Pittner

      Hi Keiron


      Dont worry you understanded my issue completely. Wrong panorama is used on all Apollo landing sites. Im attaching screen shots for review. And there is one more issue. When i launch Apollo 11 blasting from the Moon back to orbit there is for  a few seconds mysterious satelite right where Apollo11 command module should be. Screen attached


      Thanks for your response

      Apollo 11 landing site.jpg
      Apollo 11 Blasting off the Moon.jpg
      Apollo 14 on the moon.jpg
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      Filip Fenidean Pittner

      Im just curious. Are you working on that problem? Just asking because we downloaded new update but there is no difference.

      Thank you