How to find Comet Panstarrs in Starry Night


    Please search in one of the following two ways:

    1. Open the FIND pane ---> Open the Comets sub-menu ---> Click "Name" to sort alphabetically ---> Scroll to "P"

    You will find PANSTARRS (C/2011 L4) is the first of many PANSTARRS comets

    2. In the search field type "panstarrs" ---> it is again first on the list.


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      Toad Rocket

      I must have a bug in my Starry Night 7 - if I type in pansta the search shows multiple panstarrs comets. Good. But type in panstarrs and you get ZERO results..... 

      If you type in the sequence slowly to see what is going on, as soon as you type in the first r in the sequence (after pansta) the search results start getting weird (events for a variety of variables in Andromeda) and on the second r the search returns nothing because it is searching for PANR although panstarr is clearly typed into the search box.