How To Find And Track Satellites


    This KB article discusses the different options, and pathways by which satellites in Starry Night can be seen and tracked.


    Also see this Starry Night satellite tracking video here:

    1. Select satellites


    In the Options side pane ---> Solar System ---> Satellites

    2. Select satellites labels


    3. Open the satellites options sub-menu


    Hover over the word "satellites" and click on the rectangle.

    4. Change the label size, font, plus satellite brightness, etc.


    5. Use the elevate button to blast off and see the satellites from above Earth


    6. Satellites from above


    7. As an alternative, see satellites through the interactive Starry Night SkyGuide


    In the SkyGuide side pane ---> Our Solar System, the stars and galaxies ---> Artificial satellites


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      Bill Stachura

      Helpful explanation and guidance.

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      John Carter

      TOO BAD I bought the software and found out that satellite tracking is only for MAC users. Hopefully I can get a refund.  VERY DISAPPOINTED.

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      David Terrazas

      Why can I not track ISS on PC

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      Can I connect to a digital telescope such as the Celesron NexStar SLT (Star Tracking Telescope) and track the satellite with my telescope under the control of Starry Night? The slew speed of 3°/sec should be fast enough.