Orion Special Edition Scriptable & TLE usage?



    I have few question about Starry Night Orion Special edition.
    Is it capable of utilizing TLE for satellite tracking? If it is, is there a number limitation for it?
    Also, is it possible to script Starry Night Orion Special Edition?(will I be able to write .bat file for it to track satellite/star?)

    Thank you!


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      Marko Kudjerski

      Hello Jessica,

      Starry Night Orion SE uses Satellites.txt  file to keep a database of satellites available. This file is in TLE format


      ECHOSTAR 1
      1 23754U 95073A 07059.74602212 .00000000 00000-0 10000-3 0 6913
      2 23754 0.0210 313.7044 0004403 28.6055 296.3613 1.00273554 40770


      Starry Night cannot be scripted but you could write a bat file to automatically pull data from your source and store it in Satellites.txt file. Starry Night will, however, have to be restarted when this file is modified.

      Specifically for Starry Night Orion Special Edition there is a limitation of 600 visible satellites. Therefore if your file contains more than that only the first 600 will load. Starry Night Pro and Pro Plus raise this limit (for Enthusiast, Pro and Pro Plus it can actually be adjusted so that your system doesn't get bogged down by loading too many satellites).