Starry Night 7 | All Sky Galaxies Catalog (ASGC)

    While the Tully database of 30k galaxies has served Starry Night well for over 10 years, modern surveys and telescopes have exploded the volume of galaxy data available to the general public.

    The new Starry Night All Sky Galaxy Catalogue (ASGC, called "3D Galaxies" in Starry Night 7.1) combines data from many of the latest and greatest galaxy surveys to produce the largest 3D map in existence.

    During the past 20 years a number of large scale galaxy surveys have been preformed to map their distribution and properties. Some of these have aimed to map the entire sky (e.g. 2MASS; Skrutskie et al. 2006), while other have covered relatively small areas of the sky, but include much fainter and distant galaxies (e.g. GAMA; Driver et al. 2011).

    The aim of this new galaxy catalog was to combine all of the available data to produce a state of the art galaxy map, which covers the entire sky, to the greatest depths possible.

    Although there is always room for improvement, this first version of the ASGC combines data from 8 different data sources, providing sky positions and precise distance information for over 2 million galaxies. Whenever possible, information about a galaxy’s morphology is also provided, such as general shape, number of spiral arms, the relative size of the central bulge, as well as its Hubble classification type.

    Starry Night uses this new catalogue to create a 3D map where you can fly around and explore realistic models of individual galaxies, as well as explore gigantic large scale structures such as galaxy clusters, and intergalactic voids.

    You can now visualize the known universe on a scale never before possible!

    The ASGC combines sky position, redshifts, distances, luminosities and masses from the following galaxy catalogues:

    Sloan Digital Sky Survey (SDSS, DR10) Ahn et al. (2014)
    6 Degree Field Galaxy Survey (6DF) Jones et al. (2005)
    2 Degress Galaxy Redshift Survey (2DF) Colless et al. (2001)
    Galaxy And Mass Assembly Survey (GAMA, DR2) Driver et al. (2011)
    Two Micron All Sky Survey (2MASS) Skrutskie et al. (2006)
    Nearby Galaxy Catalogue (NBGC) Karachentsev et al. (2013)

    Additional morphological and structural information about the galaxies is provied by the following catalogues:

    - Catalog of Principal Galaxies (PGC) Paturel et al. (2003)
    - Galaxy Zoo Citizen Science project Lintott et al. (2011); Willett et al.
    - GIM2D Bulge+Disk decomposition catalogue Simard et al. (2011)

    The current version, 1.5, contains 3,894,475 galaxies, of which 2,127,949 have distance measurements and are included in Starry Night.