Starry Night Educational Webinar - Looking for presenter(s)


    Do you teach or broadcast educational online (or streamable) content using Starry Night?  We are interested in teaming up with a professor or astronomy enthusiast who would also like to broadcast live Starry Night webinars.  The broadcast will be live from your laptop.  You can use Starry Night, powerpoint, etc.  Broadcasts will be archived online for continued accessibility.  If this kind of educational venture appeals to you please contact me directly or submit a ticket with "Starry Night webinar" as the subject.  Thanks for your interest.

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      Christian Ready

      I'm new to Starry Night but I'm looking to incorporate it into my presentations. I've been giving presentations for the last 16 years, largely on the Hubble Space Telescope (where I used to work) but lately on a broader range of topics. I primarily use Keynote but I'm looking to incorporate or perhaps transition to Starry Night. I:n any event, I'm happy to volunteer to be a presenter.

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      Bob Riddle

      I've been using the program for teaching and web/magazine illustrations since the Backyard version. Most fun way I've found to use the program is when it is installed on a computer connected with a smartboard. Talk about hands-on Astronomy!!

      Clear Skies...

      Bob Riddle