New for iPad - 2012 Venus Transit - $0.99 Super Sale Celebration!

    2012 Venus Transit
    by Pedro Braganca & Geoff Gaherty

    Astronomers, amateur and professional, think of a Venus transit as one of the rarest and most exciting of celestial events.  The 2012 transit will be the last chance you will get in your lifetime to see a transit of Venus! The next one is in 105 years, in 2117.

    We hope this interactive guide, from the makers of the popular Starry Night desktop planetarium, will help you understand and enjoy the science, history, and beauty of this unique event.

    As a special treat, this year observers will also have the opportunity to view a rare annular solar eclipse a few weeks prior to the Venus transit.

    This book aims to help you make the most of these two exciting, rare events and provide the information you need to successfully understand, and enjoy them. 
    If you’d like a general introduction to stargazing, check out “Backyard Astronomy: An Introduction to Stargazing.” Available now on the iBookstore.

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