Viewing the Transit of Venus in Starry Night software


    Set your home location


    Select "Set Home Location" ---> choose your city (or enter zipcode) ---> and "Save As Home Location".

    Note, this step is not necessaruly required if you have already saved your home location in Starry Night.


    Click Home to bring the program to the current time & date, in your selected home location.

    Set up the Events finder


    1. Open the Events finder tab.
    2. Under the Events Filter ---> Check Planetary Events
    3. Click the FInd Events button

    View Event options


    The Events Browser will list all visible planetary events, from your location, for the next 30 days

    Right click on Venus Solar Transit and choose from View Event, Center Event Target, & Set to Event Time.

    1. Selecting View Event will bring about the actual event, as seen in the sky from your location, at the beginning time of the transit of Venus event.
    2. Selecting Center Event Target will center the Sun in your Starry Night program window, as seen from your location, at the time currently set. This will be useful for tracking the approach and then transit of Venus when you are outside watching this event live.
    3. Selecting Set To Event Time will bring about a change in your Starry Night date & time - changing it to the beginning of the transit time, as seen from your set home location. Please note, selecting this only changes the date & time.

    Viewing the transit of Venus


    In the top right hand corner of the Starry Night window use the Zoom (Width x Height) controls to change degree of magnification. Clicking the (+) zoom button on the right zooms in (reduces your field of view), while clicking the (-) button on the left zooms out (increases your field of view). The amount of sky that you can see is called the field of view. It is important to remember that when you zoom in on objects, you are not in fact changing your location. Think of zooming as looking through a more and more powerful telescope, while your feet remain firmly planted.


    Under the View tab ---> Hide Daylight will allow you to make the event easier to see.


    Right click on the Time Flow Rate in order to change the speed of the event in Starry Night.

    Enjoy the Transit of Venus


    Using the Calendar to obatin aditional information


    Click the Calendar button. The SkyCal tab will open.


    1. Open the listing under Event Finder Items.

    2. Click to highlght the Venus Solar Transit

    3. Open the Info sub-menu. You will see Start/Finish times for your local location as well as UTC (Universal Time)