Comet ISON - Observational Reports


    Please share your Comet ISON observational reports with us here in the support forum or join us on Facebook:

    We would love to share in your ISON adventure!

    1.  Where you went.
    2.  Sky conditions.
    3.  Object of interest.
    4.  Telescope make, model & eyepieces, etc.
    5.  Plan for the night.
    6.  Starry Night program, version number.
    7.  Computer & OS.
    8.  Small details about setting up, searching, discovery.
    9.  How you used Starry Night achieve your goals.
    10.  How you used the telescope to achieve your goals.

    You can lean more about what can be done with Starry Night & Comet ISON here:


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      Pekka J Kauppi

      My Starry Night does NOT show comet ISON.....WHY....???