Carolina Biological Registration fix


    The following KB article will allow customers of Starry Night Enthusiast to change the registration if they accidentally received a pre-registered Carolina Biological version of Enthusiast.

    1. Create a Starry Night Enthusiast Registration. Go to:



    Fill out the form and press "Submit."

    2. Select Enthusiast 6 as the product to register


    Select continue.

    When you have finished the entire online form an email will be sent to you with your Enthusiast User Name and Registration Number.

    Check your email!

    If you don't see it, check your spam.

    3. Start your Starry Night Enthusiast program.

    On Windows go to Help ---> Registration

    On Mac OSX go to Starry Night Enthusiast ---> Registration

    4. You will see the following registration panel:


    5. Delete the name "Carolina Biological" as seen here:


    Note: you must delete the User Name first before you can delete the Registration Number

    6. Next, delete the registration number as seen here:


    7. Now enter the Enthusiast User Name and the Registration Number you recieved in the email.

    Do you see a green checkmark?

    If so, click OK.

    You are now registered!