Pro Plus 6 & Pro 6 vs. Enthusiast 6 (Databases)

    The following is a list of object databases that are included in both Pro Plus 6 & Pro 6 versions, but not Enthusiast 6: 

    Globular clusters - all 147 such objects in the Milky Way galaxy
    Pulsars - over 700 
    Open clusters
    Principal Galactic Catalog - 980,000 galaxies brighter than 18th magnitude
    Quasars over 18,000 quasars compiled by Ulf Teras
    Abell clusters galaxies - 2712 galaxy clusters first identified by George Ogden Abell and catalogued by the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences
    Arp peculiar galaxies - 338 unusual galaxies from Dr. Halton C. Arp's Atlas of Peculiar Galaxies
    Dark nebulae
    Sharpless emission nebulae - 313 HII regions compiled by Stewart Sharpless of USNO Flagstaff
    Collinder open clusters - Per Collinder's list of 471 open star clusters
    Planetary nebulae -from the Perek-Kohoutek Catalogue
    Zwicky galaxy clusters - 9134 galaxy clusters from the catalogue by Fritz Zwicky
    Caldwell catalog - 109 deep sky objects for binoculars and small telescopes, compiled by Sir Patrick Moore
    Covington catalog - 200 interesting stars and other objects from Michael A. Covington, 'Celestial Objects for Modern Telescopes'
    Double Stars - the Saguaro Astronomical Catalog created by Coe & Crayon, containing over 11,000 multiple star systems
    DSC Double Stars - 100 double stars for the Astronomical League's Double Stars Club, by Mike Benson
    DSC Stars - all stars from the Lumicon NGC-SkyVector Digital Setting Circle catalogue
    Eclipsing binaries
    Emission nebulae
    Herschel 400 - a catalogue of 400 objects from William Herschel's observing logs, compiled by Brenda Branchett
    Local Group Galaxies - the approximately 30 galaxies in the Local Group, neighbours to the Milky Way 
    Meteor Showers (RASC) - meteor shower data and radiants from the Royal Astronomical Society of Canada's Observer's Handbook
    Navigational Stars - 57 bright stars used for navigation, taken from the Nautical Almanac
    Nexstar 5 Stars - the Nexstar 5 SAO stars database
    Nexstar Alignment Stars - catalogue of Nexstar alignment stars
    PK Planetaries - 581 planetary nebulae from the Perek-Kohoutek Catalogue
    SAA 100 - the top 100 non-Messier deep-sky objects compiled by the sci.astro.amateur newsgroup
    Sky Commander Alignment Stars - alignment stars from the Sky Commander catalogue
    SS2K Alignment Stars - alignment stars for use with the Vixen Sky Sensor 2000
    Supernova Remnants - all known supernova remnants in the Milky Way Galaxy, in a catalogue created by Dr. David Green
    Uppsala General Catalogue - this catalogue used by professional astronomers contains over 12,000 galaxies visible from the northern hemisphere
    Variable Stars (AAVSO) - almost 6000 selected variable stars from the American Association of Variable Star Observers and the General Catalogue of Variable Stars
    Variable Stars (GCVS) - all 31,000 targets from the General Catalogue of Variable Stars
    Variable Stars (GCVS-Hipp) - over 8300 variable stars selected from the General Catalogue of Variable Stars and the Hipparcos Catalogues of Periodic and Unsolved Variables

    The following is a list of object databases included in both the Pro version and Enthusiast. So, if you upgrade to Enthusiast you will gain access to the following databases:

    Bright NGC objects -69 favourite targets for amateur astronomers
    Chandra images - X-ray spectrum images from the Chandra Observatory
    Hubble images - spectacular imagery from the Hubble Space Telescope
    Messier objects - the 110 objects catalogued by 17th-century astronomer Charles Messier
    NGC-IC database - one of the most commonly-used deep sky object catalogues, containing 13,993 objects
    Spitzer Images - stunning infrared astronomy from the Spitzer Space Telescope
    Tully 3-D database - 28,000 nearby galaxies compiled by Brent Tully et al., arranged in 3D space
    Binocular Deep Sky - 62 binocular objects compiled by the Astronomical League
    Southern Binocular Deep Sky - 73 binocular objects in the southern sky, compiled by the Astronomical League
    Urban Deep Sky - 87 deep-sky objects suitable for viewing from light-polluted areas, compiled by the Astronomical League

    Enthusiast contains the Hipparcos-Tycho 2 catalog down to 14th magnitude.

    Pro and Pro Plus contain all of the above, as well as the USNO catalog down to 17th magnitude. In addition to that, with an internet connection it will dynamically download more USNO stars down to 20th magnitude as you zoom in on a section of the sky that contains more stars, but whose data is not yet loaded on your computer.


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      Tim Holt

      I bought a new computer and installed Starry Night Pro 6 on it, but now it won't check for updated


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      Dan A. Chrisman Jr.

      I think that there may be a mistake in the observing list repository in the .skylist files H400_ALL and 3_Herschel The Spring Group. Who should I contact to suggest a correction?

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      Luca Vanzella

      Dan, are you talking about the object NGC 4725? It is correctly listed in the Herschel 400 lists organized by constellation but not in the lists organized by season. In the skylists "3_Herschel The Spring Group" and "H400_All" is listed as NGC 4752.