Starry Night V6 | Program Comparison Chart


    At this time only a Starry Night V7 comparison chart is available here:

    A Starry Night V6 comparison chart is no longer available - but you can assume the differences are similar to the one above.


    About Starry Night 6 | Pro Plus vs Pro vs Enthusiast vs CSAP

    All Starry Night V6 programs are fully compatible with Windows 7/Vista/XP 32 and 64 bit OS & Mac OS X Lion.  So, purchase with confidence.


    There are two main differences to consider between:

    1. Telescope control. If you want to be able to control a telescope with Starry Night you will need to purchase either Pro or Pro Plus. Do you want telescope control? If not, then both CSAP and Enthusiast are great entry level-programs.  If, however, you are an advanced amateur astronomer, you might want the additional content/features/databases found in Pro or Pro Plus.

    2. The All Sky CCD. This is an extraordinary feature exclusive to Pro Plus. You can read all about the All Sky CCD here:

    If you want telescope control, you'll need Pro or Pro Plus. And, the All Sky CCD is one important deciding factor.  Pro Plus also comes with the Maxim DL plugin - for astrophotography.


    Of course, there is more to Pro Plus than just the telescope control, All Sky CCD and Maxim DL plugin.  Both Pro and Pro Plus are packed with most content: skyguide interactive tours, features, databases, etc. So, if you don't want less than the best planetarium program we offer Pro or Pro Plus are great investments for the content alone.


    The difference in content between Pro Plus, Pro and Enthusiast can be seen here:


    The difference in content between Enthusiast and CSAP can be seen here:


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      hubert clarke

      Getting to the end of my tether- with a simple question.

      I used to run Starry Night in 1999 (still have it, but it will not run ).

      How do I update to a Vista Premium version

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      Keiron Smith

      Hi Hubert,

      You can go to and look at the different Starry Night V7 programs available.   Then proceed to the "Upgrade" page.  All V7 programs are compatible with Windows Vista.


      Please let me know if you need any further assistance.