Starry Night V6 | Backing Up Custom Data and How to Move Starry Night to a New Computer


    Please see page 178 in the Starry Night V6 User Guide "Backing Up Custom Data" here:


    For all other earlier version please download the User's Guide for your version of Starry Night here:


    The User's Guide can also be found in the program under Help (drop down menu)



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      Keiron Smith

      1. Go Computer ---> (C:) --->Users ---> (username) --->AppData --->Local ---> Imaginova Canada --->Prefs 
      2. AppData will not be visible unless you choose to "Show Hidden Files". To do this, go Control Panel ---> Folder Options ---> View ---> Show hidden folders, etc.

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      Keiron Smith

      In Mac OSX Lion 10.7.x the preferences folder can be found here:

      1. From the Finder menu bar navigate to Go > Go to Folder. 

      2. Type: ~/Library 

      3. In Library go to Preferences ---> Imaginova Canada ---> Prefs

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      Jeff Blume

      Thanks, Keiron,

      I had looked in the manual (REALLY), just didn't come with the right search string - A Table of Contents is so analog... ;-)

      I already knew where the prefs were kept.   I just didn't know if it was safe to simply drag and drop them.  I see now they are just HTML (sans </HTML> tags...  ;-).

      If anyone finds it useful here are DSLRs.txt values for the Canon 5D Mark II and the Canon 10D:

      This file is a <A HREF="">Starry Night document.</A>
      <SN_VALUE name="Version" value="Pro (Mac) - p643e-EM">
      <SN_VALUE name="VersionSKU" value="p643e-EM">
      <SN_VALUE name="charset" value="Macintosh-ASCII">
      <SN_VALUE name="DSLR1_AssociatedBarlow" value="">
      <SN_VALUE name="DSLR1_AssociatedFocalReducer" value="">
      <SN_VALUE name="DSLR1_AssociatedTelescope" value="">
      <SN_VALUE name="DSLR1_ImagingHeight" value="24.000">
      <SN_VALUE name="DSLR1_ImagingWidth" value="36.000">
      <SN_VALUE name="DSLR1_IndicatorColour" value="56797, 33206, 14463">
      <SN_VALUE name="DSLR1_IsColour" value="Yes">
      <SN_VALUE name="DSLR1_Name" value="Canon EOS-5D Mark II">

      <SN_TEXT name="DSLR1_Notes"></SN_TEXT>

      <SN_VALUE name="DSLR1_PixelHeight" value="3744.000">
      <SN_VALUE name="DSLR1_PixelWidth" value="5616.000">
      <SN_VALUE name="DSLR1_RollAngle" value="0.000">
      <SN_VALUE name="DSLR1_Status" value="No">
      <SN_VALUE name="DSLR2_AssociatedBarlow" value="">
      <SN_VALUE name="DSLR2_AssociatedFocalReducer" value="">
      <SN_VALUE name="DSLR2_AssociatedTelescope" value="">
      <SN_VALUE name="DSLR2_ImagingHeight" value="15.100">
      <SN_VALUE name="DSLR2_ImagingWidth" value="22.700">
      <SN_VALUE name="DSLR2_IndicatorColour" value="56797, 33206, 14463">
      <SN_VALUE name="DSLR2_IsColour" value="Yes">
      <SN_VALUE name="DSLR2_Name" value="Canon EOS-10D">

      <SN_TEXT name="DSLR2_Notes"></SN_TEXT>

      <SN_VALUE name="DSLR2_PixelHeight" value="2048.000">
      <SN_VALUE name="DSLR2_PixelWidth" value="3072.000">
      <SN_VALUE name="DSLR2_RollAngle" value="0.000">
      <SN_VALUE name="DSLR2_Status" value="No">
      <SN_VALUE name="ValueListVersion" value="2">

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      Don Saito

      Hello: I am also trying to move my copy of Starry Night ver 3.2.1 from my old Win XP computer to my new Win 7 computer. I'm getting the error msg: "Unable to locate Win32data.qtr" file. Please reinstall."

      Is it possible to get ver 3.2.1 to work on a Win 7 PC? If so, how is it done?

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      Keiron Smith

      Hi Don,


      Please "Submit a request" with your question and I'll help you navigate the issues.

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      Keiron, no luck so far.  I see how to move files, etc., but not the entire program over.  I have the reg # if that helps.  TOm