Starry Night V6 | Setting Your Home Location


    The first time Starry Night runs, a dialog box opens that asks you to set your home location. Once you have done this, you do not need to change your home location unless you move.

    1.  Click the List tab. This displays a huge database of cities throughout the world.


    2.  Use the scrollbar on the right to look through the list. If your home city is listed, click on its name to highlight this city. Then press the Select Panorama button to associate a landscape with your location. Press the Save As Home Location button to save the changes. If your city is not listed, try entering your zip/postal code by pressing the Zip/Postal Code tab. If your city is still not listed, proceed to step 3.

    Tip: A list of astronomical observatories is included in the location list. To see this list, click on the Province column heading and scroll down to “Observatories”.

    3.  Click the Latitude/Longitude tab. Type in the name of your location and enter your latitude and longitude. You can enter these values in degrees, degrees & minutes, or degrees, minutes & seconds. Starry Night will convert your values to degrees and minutes.You must also enter the correct time zone. Time zones are calculated according to the time difference from London, England. For example, all communities on Eastern Standard Time are 5 hours behind London, so you would enter “-5 h” if you are on Eastern Standard Time. If you do not know your latitude, longitude, or time zone, click Lookup Lat/Long on Internet for Internet resources that will help you find this information.


    4.  Once you have entered your co- ordinates, click the Add Location to List button. This will open a window where you can enter your city, province/state and country. Press the Add Location button once you have entered this information, then press the Save As Home Location button.


    Tip: If you ever move and need to change your location (or if you initially enter your home location incorrectly), choose Set Home Location from the File menu (Windows) or the Starry Night menu (Macintosh) to enter a new home location.


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      i downloaded a starrynight backard windows softwere but when i try to set home locations is asking me for registation number, how do i get this ragistration number? i cannot star use starrybackyard :(

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      Keiron Smith

      Starry Night Backyard is over 10+ years old and is not sold anymore.  Please purchase a copy of version 6 from our store here:

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      Rachel Teeter

      I have Starry Night Pro Version 5.8.4. I am unable to enter my Longitude coordinates. They numbers I type do not appear in the box.  It just keeps changing to the wrong numbers.

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      Keiron Smith

      What location are you trying to enter coordinates for?

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      John Smith

      Every time I change the panorama using the Set Home Location routine, it changes back to that STUPID default panorama every time I close and reopen the program. I can (sometimes) get it to change to a different panorama while I stay within the program, but as soon as I quit and restart, it goes right back to the default!!! I am SICK of this!!!!!! How do I make it stick?????!!!!!

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      Mansur AL-Fahad
      I have 7pro on mac , how can change landscape on my location view?
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      Keiron Smith

      Hi Mansur, 

      If you are encountering the bug in V7 that reverts to the default panorama after restarting the app - this will be fixed in an future update.  It is a known issue.