Starry Night V7 | Is it possible to pre-download the complete star catalogs + all the image files?


    UPDATE: If you are running SN7 on Windows then you now can download all the files via the installer (choose "Complete" installation) or using the files linked in the KB article below.


    Copied from CloudyNights forum


    There are a bunch of reasons why we didn't deliver all that data on first download (most notably that it's now about 21GB and counting), but I promise it wasn't laziness! You have access to much more data in SN7 than was ever available in SN6, but yes it does stream down rather than being all there. (If you want it all in one go, just sign up for the beta program -it's free, fast and easy- and you can download it all in one go today.)


    Note that we still deliver a LOT of data on first install, and it's only the deepest (18+ mag) USNO stars and all-sky images that currently download. The full NGC-IC (and all other) catalogs are present and accounted for in any default install.


    The reason you're not seeing the application directory grow in size is because that's not where we download the data! (Both Windows and OSX forbid/discourage this.) The streamed data is downloaded (and kept "permanently") here:



    \Users\<YourUserName>\AppData\Local\Simulation Curriculum\Starry Night Prefs\Sky Data\

    (Note that the AppData directory on windows is often "hidden". A quick Googling can show you how to un-hide it)


    (OS X)

    /Users/<YourUserName>/Library/Application Support/Simulation Curriculum/Starry Night Prefs/Sky Data/



    We're working on adding the "full data download on first install" feature and building it into our new installers too, based on comments and suggestions from users like you!


    I hope that clears things up. Feel free to email me personally any time.


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      Hi Keiron, yes I'd like to be able to D/L full database, then pull updates as they release, as where I go to use SN and my scope, there's no internet


      Paul K

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      While I am not interested in a larger star catalog than is installed (so far), I have noticed that if I want to look at a DSO, the area is blank and the message 'streaming x files' appears. I am guessing these are the image files for the DSO I wish to look at. Actually, I am trying to see the star field around the object and its extent to get my scope pointed correctly. 'Streaming' is a misnomer... even trickle is overstated. This morning I went to look at M1, after 15 minutes I got tired of waiting. The laptop is upstairs trickling it in... hopefully by lunch.

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      Derek Green

      Me, too.  In the meantime, is there a way to download the data faster?

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      Marko Kudjerski

      Marko here, one of Starry Night's developers.

      Thanks everyone for the feedback! Please note that Starry Night has had a mechanism for installing most of the streamed data locally. You can get this data setup if you re-run your installer and choose Custom installation, you can then pick and choose offline packages to setup.

      Note that installing data offline is only needed if you have no permanent internet connection or a very slow internet setup.

      Finally, the one star catalog that we don't have available for offline installation is USNO catalog. This data set is extremely large (close to 8Gb) and Starry Night has never included it in the app (version 6 streamed this data just like version 7 does now). However, with Starry Night's ability to cache downloaded data, you merely have to get your USNO stars once for the field that you are observing and the data will be stored locally.

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      Steve Cox

      Hi Marko,

      Although Keiron has refunded my purchase cost of SNP7, I'm still running SNP+6 and reading this site, waiting for the issues I had with 7 to be fixed.  

      Anyway, you state that all we need to do is choose custom install at initial setup. Only problem is, unless something has been changed with the installer (and dmg file), there is NO custom install choice on the Mac version.  

      Sure would help if there was a link provided where we could download and manually copy those files into their system at our opportunity - and especially the case for those of us without really fast ISP's.

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      M Maggiolo

      I can not update Starry Night Pro 7 at all. I have tried everything and nothing has worked. I wont use this software anymore. Just a waste of time. I have been using Stellarium 16.0 and World wide |Telescope which is easier to use and easy to update.


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      Keiron Smith

      Hi Mario,

      I have resent your download links to your email address. Older versions of SN7 can not be updated. But, you can simply delete the old version and reinstall from your download links. That will get you up and running with the latest versions.

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      Keiron Smith

      BTW, we are almost ready to release a standalone installer for the entire Starry Night star catalog :)

      - its full of stars

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      Keiron- I am getting ready to install SN7 Pro Plus again and was wondering if you could send me a link to the latest download? Thanks

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      Keiron Smith

      Hi Scott,