Starry Night V7 | How to Reinstall the Program?


    Accidentially deleted some files. Need to reinstall program



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      Sophie Cheng


      Please see if you can retrieve your past product download links here:

      If you need additional assistance, please submit a new ticket so we can better assist you:



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      Ernie Katler

      Hi Sophie, I am currently updating the latest Starrynight Pro Plus on my Mac at ekatler @comcast,net. I had been using 5 on my PC which crashed last year. I just purchasd a new Windows 10 computer with fast chip and lots of space. I plan to use this only in my small observatory and would like to install the above version on this Windows 10 version. I have my discs for the old Version 5.0 but this is for XP. Time moves in one direction! Can you send me instructions or a link to download the new version? Thanks
      Ernie Katler

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      Edmundo Munguia Oliver

      Hi Sophie, the Retrieve, effectively brings back my registration information, but no Download link. Can you, please, help me with this? Thank you!

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      Zoe Bruce

      Can somebody please help me, I attempted to download the starry night and I clicked it too many times and it timed out. I only used the access code, I have a user name and registration number but I didn't get to enter those because the software didn't get dowloaded and I can't retrieve anything and I think it is because I didn't get to enter my registration code. Please help me.

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      John Pendleton

      Hello Friends. The system sent me:
      "Below is a list of your registration and purchase information.
      For help with setting up Starry Night software please consult our setup guide here.
      Starry Night Pro 8"

      Please send me the same BUT for Starry Night Pro 7. Thanks. John Pendleton.
      PS I only have Windows 7.

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      John Pendleton

      I keep getting set to go in the same circles with no
      results for downloading or reinstalling SN 7.
      Help, please! Can we do a chat?