Starry Night V7 | How To Change Your Email Address


    I need to update my email address for Starry night 6 and 7...  Currently it is livesaym@...   How do I maintain my profile info... Could not find it on your site...


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      Abigaly Alvarenga

      I change my address and can not get information for registration, I lost my registration number, my old email    was galy12@...., and I change to  galy12@..., or abigaly@...

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      Keiron Smith


      Please submit a ticket request for assistance.



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      So how do I change my email address?

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      Michael Lucero

      need to change my email from red.cld@verizon,net

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      Jason price

      Hi I entered the wrong email address upon registration how can i change this.

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      William Perdue

      how do I change the email address? I see the question asked repeatedly, but no answer

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      Risan Ramu

      I made mistake in the email i used to register, i cant complete my registration or use the starry night - i am very frustrated

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      Arnessia Walker

      How do I change my email