SkySafari V5 | iOS Screen Rotation Fail


    Originally from ticket #27929


    Hi Bill,

    Very happy to have the update on SS5 Pro so I can use StarSense. Works perfectly.

    I have a couple questions.
    1. Screen rotation. On the ipad, the screen is always in landscape mode and even though I have Allow Auto Rotation on, it never changes. If I turn off Auto Rotation, no change. The opposite is true on the iphone. Never in landscape although I would like it to be sometimes. Am I doing something wrong, or is that the way they are designed and the help notes are wrong? Looking at the help notes on screen rotation, they say if you turn off allow screen rotation, it will stay in portrait mode. Same with Toolbar in Landscape. Always in landscape on ipad, always portrait on iphone. I thought I could use the phone for locating objects for my bino but I find it awkward to hold up in portrait mode.

    2. Compass. Notes say that with SS Pro, compass is activated when you tilt ipad up. I don’t find that. I have to hit the compass button. Also, I would like to use the feature to find objects when I’m using my new 45 degree Oberwerk bino. But it seems that as soon as I locate an object with compass mode, anything I do, such as zoom in, turns off the compass and I have to activate it again for the next object. Is there any way to keep it on?

    I probably have other questions but will be happy to get your input on these for now.




    Bill Tschumy replies:



    1. My guess is you have the iOS setting for auto-rotation OFF. We cannot override that. Our setting only has an effect if auto-rotation in the iOS settings is ON.

    2. Check the "Tilt to use Compass" setting in the "Appearance and Behavior". This needs to be ON.

    No, there is no way to keep the compass on. Touching the screen disables it. I think you'll find the compass is not accurate enough to be used as a finder for binoculars or telescope. It only has about a 5º accuracy.

    Bill Tschumy
    SkySafari Developer