SkySafari - Samsung S7 + click Settings = crash


    Originally from ticket #26802.

    Dear SkySafari Developers,

    I recently used SkySafari 4 Plus on my new Samsung S7 running the new Android 6.  I use it to control my Scope via BT.

    When clicking on settings, the App crashes. I already sent an Android Crash Report via Play Store. It is currently not possible to use BT to control any Scope as I cannot set the correct Scope.

    When will you be fixing this bug? I'm creating tutorials for SkySafari and this would be an important message to your users, that will very likely upgrade to Android 6 within the next weeks.




    Bill Tschumy replies:


    We have had two other reports of this problem on the S7. We don't know yet what is going on. However, in both cases the problem was solved by the following:

    1. Uninstall the app
    2. Using a file browser, go to the top level of the SD card and delete the directory "SkySafari 4 XXX", where XXX will be "Plus" or "Pro" depending on which version you have.
    3. Now reinstall the app and try again.

    I don't know why this would fix it but it did in both cases.

    This is not an Android 6 problem. I have SkySafari running on several Android 6 devices with nary a problem. It is something strange about the Galaxy S7.

    Please let me know if the above resolves the issue.

    Bill Tschumy
    SkySafari Developer