Samsung S4 screen rotation not working (fixed!)


    Originally from ticket #27281.

    Hello -

    I have SkySafari 4 Pro. The SkySafari screen rotation has stopped working on my Samsung S4. I am unaware of anything that might have changed on the phone to cause this. I uninstalled and reinstalled SkyTools, but that has not helped. Allow Auto Rotation is selected. Other apps auto rotate correctly.


    Keiron Smith replies:

    Hi Karl,


    Then navigate the pathway here /sdcard/SkySafari 4 Pro/Saved Settings/[CurrentSettings].skyset

    Please rename the startup settings to be something like "Bad.skyset"

    Make sure you have completely quit the app before doing so. Now when you restart you will get default settings.

    If this fixes the problem, please attach the Bad.skyset file to your response so I can look at it.

    Keiron Smith
    Starry Night & Sky Safari Software Support Team


    User replies:

    Hello Keiron -

    Thanks for the suggestion. It turned out to be a simple fix - I inadvertently turned off the screen rotation configuration on my S4. Turning it back on fixed my issue.

    You can close this issue.