Space science developer challenges International Astronomical Union with Pluto Safari™ app

    MINNEAPOLIS, MN 15 April 2015 - Today, as NASA’s New Horizons spacecraft hurtles toward Pluto, award-winning science education developer Simulation Curriculum has released an app that confronts the IAU decision to remove Pluto from our solar system’s list of major planets.

    Pluto Safari, a new free app for iOS and Android, is a rich multimedia experience that illustrates through jaw-dropping simulation, the science and history of Pluto. The app presents both sides of the argument on whether Pluto should ever have been classified as a planet. And most importantly, it adds your voice to the debate. An in-app poll will collect votes, and when the tally is complete on a date as yet to be announced, results will be presented to the IAU.

    The New Horizons mission, scheduled to fly by Pluto on July 14th, 2015, is another focus of the app. Pluto Safari follows New Horizons with 3D animations based on the company’s Sky Safari apps. The app also provides regular mission news updates. Simulation Curriculum CEO Michael Goodman writes, “The New Horizons Pluto flyby is a rare chance for science to touch the general public. With a free app, we’re capturing a new generation at this teachable moment. The Voyager missions of the 1980s inspired engineers who went on to develop today's mobile technologies. Who knows what we might inspire today’s young learners to accomplish 30 years from now!”

    To download Pluto Safari for iOS 7+, click here:


    To download Pluto Safari for Android 4.1, click here:


    About Simulation Curriculum

    Headquartered in Minneapolis, MN, Simulation Curriculum Corp. develops and markets Astronomy, Geology, Meteorology, Physical Geography and Math simulation software and curriculum for the education market. Simulation Curriculum is best known for its Starry Night Astronomy simulation software for enthusiasts, amateur astronomers, and for custom use in planetarium domes worldwide. Simulation Curriculum also develops SkySafari, a best-in class mobile astronomy application for iOS, Apple OS X and Android. To date, the SkySafari apps have been downloaded more than 4 million times.

    Simulation Curriculum's mission is to revolutionize how students, teachers and the intellectually curious experience, interact, learn and engage with science and technology. Our objective is to be regarded as the leading provider of interactive science software and curriculum.

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    (877) 290-8256

    Want to help develop the app?

    Bug reporting on iPhone or iPad

    If you find a bug in Pluto Safari while using your iPhone or iPad:

    1. Take a screenshot by simultaneously holding the power button and the home button.
    2. Go to the camera roll and find the image
    3. Select share and choose email
    4. In the TO field, enter support@plutosafari.com

    Bug reporting on Android phones/tablets

    If you find a bug in Pluto Safari while using your Android phone or tablet:

    1. Take the screenshot, this is different per device, by convention it can be done by pressing the Power & Volume Down button simultaneously
    2. Find the screenshot you just took in your notifications
    3. Share the screenshot via email to support@plutosafari.com

    We also have a Pluto Safari forum for general discussion, to ask questions, discuss the mission, and comment on the app:


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    • Avatar
      Alvyn Nacman

      Solar orbit, round, 5 moons,  Size does'nt count!! Wait till its observed close up! SOON.

    • Avatar
      John Black

      It has not cleared it's orbit of debris, sorry, not a planet by current definitions.,,

    • Avatar
      Keiron Smith

      Hi Alvyn, John,


      If you are familiar with Twitter, please join all of us: Pluto Safari (@skysafariastro) and Nasa New Horizons (@NewHorizons2015) and New Horizon's Principal Investigator Alan Stern (@AlanStern) for daily debate surrounding the status of Pluto as a planet!

      We are also on Facebook: 




    • Avatar
      Robert Dawson

      While Pluto wouldn't qualify as a planet if it were discovered today, when it was

      discovered it fit the bill.  So, while other Kuiper belt objects may not be planets,

      Pluto has been grand fathered in. Would the International Astronomical Union be

      in favor of retroactively changing laws to avoid prosecution for your crimes?