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    Originally from ticket #26519.

    Our school district purchased 31 copies of Starry Night for High School for iPads and we installed 27 iPads using AirWatch mdm..
    We then wanted to remove the license from 13 iPads and move them to 13 other iPads, I first deleted the assignment to the first 13 iPads and checked each one of them to make sure they were removed. Three of them still had the app. I checked in Airwatch that I have them in "Externally Redeemed". How can I release them so I am able to move them to other iPads?


    Keiron Smith replies:

    Hi Dulce,

    Apologies, but this is a question that will have to be taken up with either Apple or Airwatch. We don't handle licensing on iOS.

    Keiron Smith
    Starry Night & Sky Safari Software Support Team


    Ticket update:

    Hello Mr. Smith,

    Thanks for checking back. I was able to resolve the issue with the Device Management System technical support.

    Thanks again!