Starry Night Pro Plus 7 application files should never be modified directly



    This is Marko from Starry Night. We've noticed that some users have had to wait a while for their Mac installations to update to version 7.0.1. Starry Night Pro Plus 7 update system requires that the application folder not be modified from its original, installed, version. Unlike Starry Night Pro Plus 6 which allowed for various files to be added directly to the application, modifying SN7 results in version verification check to fail at the time of any application updates. In turn, this breaks quick incremental update and requires that the full application is downloaded to your system and unpacked - a rather time consuming process that some of you have noticed.
    Not modifying the original application is important as Apple's application verification system (Gatekeeper) requires all applications to remain as first installed so that their authenticity can be verified at any time.
    However, we know that our users wish to add their own data to the application. This can still be done without modifying the application itself. On Mac this Sky Data override folder is located in /Users/<YourUserName>/Library/Application Support/Simulation Curriculum/Starry Night Prefs/ . On Windows it is in C:\Users\<YourUserName>\AppData\Local\Simulation Curriculum\Starry Night Prefs\.
    Windows is currently slightly more forgiving than Mac when it comes to modifying the app (it won't complain about added files), but as some users have noted, modifying files in the Windows installation (eg. moving the Manual out of the application folder) also results in a failed update. The best approach is always not to touch the application folder itself.
    For further information about Sky Data override folders please consult Dave's support article at
    For those of you who currently have modified Mac installations best would be to undo any changes made or to simply reinstall from your download or disc. The quick incremental update will then work.
    Feel free to ask any questions!