Broken Flash Interactive Animations and Layered Earth on OSX


    The Problem:

    On OSX, the Interactive Animations in Layered Earth have been broken.


    What happened?

    Adobe's most recent update of Adobe Flash Player (11.8.800.94) for OSX has broken certain aspects of Layered Earth Interactive Animations.  Our developers are aware of this priority issue and are working very hard to repair the Interactive Animations as quickly as possible.   


    New Solution:  


                             //***** Please submit a ticket with support requesting version 1.2.1. *****//

                           //*****The flash interactive issue has been fixed in the latest release *****//



    Old/Temporary Solution: 

    Note: this is no longer required.  See the new solution above.  Contact support and request version 1.2.1.

    We recommend uninstalling Flash Player (11.8.800.94) and reinstalling a prior compatible version, specifically ( 

    To install Flash Player ( please follow these steps:

    First:  Uninstall Flash Player (11.8.800.94).  

    Go to the Adobe website and follow the un-installing directions provided:

    Second:  Install Flash Player (  

    Please download and install Flash Player ( from the Adobe website here:

    1.   Open the 10_3_r183_90 archive.dmg


    2.  Open the mounted fp_10.3.183.90_archive image that is now on your desktop


    3.   Open the 10_3_r183_90_archive folder


    4.  Open the 10_3_r183_90 folder


    5.  Open the file called flashplayer_10_3r183_90_mac_intel

     Open the file flashplayer_10_3r183_90_mac_intel.png

    6. Intall Adobe Flash Player()


    7.  Choose to Open.



    The Interactive Animations will now work on Layered Earth.


    Important!!  Do not allow the OSX Software Updater to update Adobe Flash Player until the Layered Earth developers have released an official fix for this issue.


    Please submit a ticket request for assistance in order to be notified by email immediately upon the release of the fix for this issue.  Please put "OSX Interactive Animations" in the Description field of the ticket.



    We are very sorry for this inconvenience and thank you in advance for your patience as we work fast to resolve this issue.


    Kind regards,


    Simulation Curriculum