TLE Network setup with shared data and no internet connectivity


    For the method below to work you first need to ensure that there is a shared network drive available from which all systems can read a folder (and which has about 20-30Gb of free space currently).

    You will need to ensure that you have 1 primary system on which you are able to install the full set of discs (program disc + 2 data discs). This is the system from which you will propagate all data where appropriate. It would also be helpful if this system can access Internet without having to run through proxy (for license activation) but it is not necessary as we can activate a license in another manner.

    Once you install the full first disc (the application disk) please note that:

    aside from the program folder residing in

    C:\Program Files\The Layered Earth (on XP or any 32-bit Windows system - C:\Program Files (x86)\The Layered Earth otherwise)

    the following system-shared folder also needs to be present on all systems (but without the CacheData folder in them - and CacheData is where most of the 30Gb of data resides):

    Vista or Windows 7:
    C:\ProgramData\Simulation Curriculum\The Layered Earth

    Windows XP:
    C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Simulation Curriculum\The Layered Earth

    If you wish to register the software once and have it pre-registered on network machines, then you may install it on one system, activate the license there and then copy the shared folder above across different systems. To activate the license you either need internet access (without proxy) or you need to get a license file from us which can then be imported into the program.

    In order to minimize program's need for map data from Internet you need to ensure that the additional 2 discs of data have been installed on the first system (their contents is installed in the shared directories above). Then you may disable network connection of The Layered Earth by going to File->Preferences->General and unchecking "Stream data from internet when available".

    In addition, you need to go back to the system-shared directory for your system that I specified above, grab CacheData folder and move it to your network drive to which everyone has access. Finally, go back to File->Preferences->Advanced and set Auxillary Data Store to point to the CacheData folder living on the network drive.

    You don't have to set these Preferences for every system as TLE properties are located in

    Vista or Windows 7:
    C:\Users\<username>\AppData\Roaming\Simulation Curriculum\The Layered Earth

    Windows XP:
    C:\Documents and Settings\<username>\Application Data\Simulation Curriculum\The Layered Earth

    Therefore, once you set it up on one machine, you could propagate program preferences to accounts on all other systems.

    To summarize:

    - install Layered Earth Geology fully on one system with additional 2 data discs
    - activate the license on this system
    - move CacheData to a network drive (if you copy it, ensure that you then delete it from the original folder)
    - Disable network streaming in Layered Earth preferences and point Auxillary Data Store to CacheData on the network drive
    - ensure that The Layered Earth Geology application is closed
    - duplicate and propagate system-shared directory across all clients machines
    - duplicate and propagate Layered Earth preferences across all client machines
    - duplicate and propagate program folder (which lives in C:\Program Files\The Layered Earth or C:\Program Files (x86)\The Layered Earth) across all client machines

    This way each client won't use more than 8Gb of storage and every client will be ready to run the app without additional configuration (however, every client must be able to access the shared network drive). In addition, no machine will need to use Internet connectivity. You may want to setup a desktop shortcut for tle.exe file living in the program folder on each machine.