Starry Night Chromebook | Geolocation Fail

    We figured out what was causing our chromebooks to not allow the SN app to detect the current location.  We discovered that since we were logging into the chromebook using our Simulation Curriculum account our chromebooks were "controlled" by device settings in the Simulation Curriculum account.  The default setting for geolocation was to NOT allow sites to detect the users' geolocation.  When we changed this setting to "Allow sites to detect users' geolocation" this fixed the geolocation issue for SN on our chromebooks.
    The solution is simple:
    1. log into the admin console for your corporation's Google account
    2. browse to Device management -> Chrome -> User Settings
    3. select the Organization (user group) you want to change this for on the left of the screen
    4. scroll down to the Geolocation section and change the value as you like
    5. scroll all the way down and press the Save button.
    6. I think affected users will need to sign out and in to see the fix.
    SUMMARY: even if a chromebook is not officially enrolled with the organization it may still be controlled by the organization to which the logged in user belongs.
    If you need more assistance please submit a ticket.