Starry Night Chromebook | How to Force Install



    1) As admin go to Device management -> Chrome -> Chrome and Android App Management
    2) Add Starry Night HS and Starry Night MS to the list of apps; each having a status of Installed, Recommended, and Pinned (Pinned means they would be pinned to the shelf on the Chromebook for ease of launch)
    3) Go to Device management -> Chrome -> User Settings
    4) Selected the desired organizational group (in our case it was called students)
    5) Under the "Force-installed Apps and Extensions" click on the "Manage force-installed apps" (where I was added the Starry Night HS and Starry Night MS apps.)


    An alternate method for steps 2-5: you find the Starry Night apps and select them.  Then, you double click each selected app and choose User settings.  I picked the organization I wanted and then I set Allow Installation, Force Installation (override inherited setting), and Pin to taskbar (again override inherited settings).  I then pressed SAVE. NOTE: Keep in mind sub organizations inherit settings from the parent corporation.  This means, to Force Install you have to override the inherited setting before you will be allowed to turn it on.

    Please also review official Google documentation here: