Starry Night Chromebook | How to Install and Run Starry Night



    1. If Starry Night High School is already installed on your chromebook you will find it by looking in the Chrome OS App Launcher.

    2. After clicking the App Launcher you will see SNHS either on the first page or in the "All Apps" category.  If you don't see SNHS in the App Launcher then you need to go to the Chrome Store and Add the App to Chrome.



    3. If SNHS is not yet added to chrome then on the SNHS Chrome Store product page choose "Add to Chrome".  If you see "Rate it" then SNHS is already added to Chrome so click on the image icon instead.

    Starry Night High School:

    Starry Night Middle School:



    4. Press the "Launch App" button.



    5. If SNHS asks you to re-enable the app then press the "Re-enable" button.



    6. If SNHS does not start after launching and you see a "Restore" button in the browser then press the "Restore" button.



    7.  If you had to restore the browser then you will have return to the SNHS product page in the Chrome Store and both Launch the App again and Re-enable the app again.



    8. Now SNHS should open up and you can enter your login code.

    Enjoy Starry Night High School on Chromebook!



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      House, Debra J (Somerset)

      Can you install the Starry Night program for College students on Chromebook?

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      Keiron Smith


      For students and educators, we offer Starry Night Web and Starry Night Digital Textbook.

      Both are browser-based, web-delivered Starry Night Education solutions.