Starry Night Chromebook | Unsupported Models (i.e. Starry Night Will Not Work On These Models)

    From Google Developer Support:
    Regarding ARC on 32-bit Chromebooks...
    We do not support the 32-bit x86 chromebooks because the performance is too poor, and the graphics compatibility is not complete either (though I forget the details now).
    There are only 3 of these devices, launched in 2010 and 2011, and they are now past the official 5-year EOL support date, though I think they're still getting updates currently:
    1) the original Cr-48, this was the pilot device which was distributed to enthusiasts and not sold IIRC
    2) Acer AC700
    3) Samsung Chromebook Series 5 (not the series 5 550, released a year later)
    I believe we are properly excluding these platforms from downloading ARC apps from the webstore, but maybe not, and if you're doing enterprise deployments it may bypass this.  I really think it's unlikely these devices have a significant user base, especially in EDU today.


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      John B

      Hi, all the info I am seeing on installing starry night on chromebook is related to an education related setting. Is there a way to install starry night on a personal chromebook? Mine is a newer Lenovo with intel core i3.

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      Keiron Smith


      Starry Night 8 can not be installed on a Chromebook. We offer Starry Night Web which is an online browser-based version available for schools, students, teachers.