SkyFi + iOptron scope compatibility list

    iOptron Compatibility List:
    • iOptron SmartStar / MiniTower - these use the 8401A and 8402 controllers.  We don't support 8401G.  Also iOptron has abandoned these controllers.  Also see note below (*)
    • iOptron iEQ45 with 8406 controller - Yes, this mount is supported.  For this mount, the RS-232 port is on the mount base, not on the 8406 hand controller.  Plug the rs232 cable into the mount base rs232 port.
    • iOptron 8407 / 8408 contollers - yes, these are supported.  These go with the iOptron iEQ30/45, and ZEQ25 mounts.  RS-232 port is on the controller itself.  Plug the rs232 cable into the and hand controller rs232 port.
    (*) The 8401/2 have a firmware bug which prevents the "Align" command from working with these controllers.  Also they stop tracking (sidereal motion) when you press the directional east/north/south/west arrows.  iOptron knows about this but is not addressing the problem since these contollers are obsolete.  These problems are not present in newer iOptron models - the 8407/8408 support Align, and continue sidereal tracking after east/west/north/south buttons are released.
    User reporting:
    SkySafari 5+ works perfectly with Ioptron AZ Mount Pro.