SkyFi + AstroEQ compatibility?


    Originally from ticket #24442.


    Will SkyFi work with an AstroEQ box?


    Bill Tschumy replies:


    We don't have any experience with the AstroEQ.

    However, SkyFi is just a conduit passing commands back and forth. So I don't see any reason, per se, why it wouldn't work. The question is what software are you going to be using? SkySafari doesn't support the EQMod command set. It you are using some other software and just want a "wireless cable" then it might work.

    Can you only talk to the AstroEQ via USB? There are a few USB chipsets that we don't support. You might ask the manufacturer if he has tried it with SkyFi.

    Bill Tschumy
    SkySafari Developer