can I use skysafari4plus with BT-232-b-e and nexstar 6se


    sky safari says its communicating to nexstar 6se via BT-232-B-E but says to set telescope type have tried all celestron types to no avail.

    Speed set to 9600 8 none 1 in bt adaptor



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      Keiron Smith

      Hi William,

      What OS are you running SkySafari on?

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      William J Casey
      And the answer is yes nexstar6se communication achieved from android teclast octocore air 4g Via BT-232-b-e .😁😁very pleased with the success. BT-232-b-e settings Slave auto on, discover on, set to g, set to m, 8bit no parity 1stop bit. Bingo. Hope his helps someone.
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      Keiron Smith

      Thanks, William!  Great to know you found success!  Clear Skies!

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      Roger Sayers

      I just purchased the SkyBT BlueTooth Telescope Controller, Only to find out that I had to download apple music to my laptop, I didnt have any choice, so did it. I was trying to get he software for the hardwaer and I get a window popping up telling that the software cant be had here in my country. I'm very upset, and now I'm needing to ask will this even work with my Celestron NextStar 114SLT, and will t work with my HP Laptop ? My OS is Win 10 64-bit with 4.00 of RAM I'm not sure what to do now.... :(  and I as very excited about being able to control the telescope without being connected with leads. I have another program that have used to control the telescope, but I must use the cable in order to do so.....

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