Celestron Evolution vs AT&T Smart WiFi


    We (SkySafari Development Team) believe that if AT&T Smart WIFI affects the connection to Celestron's Evolution mount (which has a built in SkyQ Link) then it is possible that it also affects our SkyFi telescope control devices

    Reported on CloudyNights.com



    Issue summary from CloudyNights.com:

    I have good news to report;  I think I have found the problem.  My cell service on my Galaxy S4 phone is through AT&T and the phone came pre-installed with many AT&T-specific apps (something I hate but that's another topic).  I got to looking at them and one is called "AT&T Smart WIFI".  On the AT&T site it says this about the app:  "It's easy to get the most out of your plan using the AT&T Smart Wi-Fi app to find and connect you to public Wi-Fi hotspots. This maximizes your battery life by turning Wi-Fi on only when you need it."

    I disabled Smart WIFI and low and behold, SkyPortal connects and stays connected.  Apparently, it was disabling the WIFI when the phone was connected to the scope's WIFI network.  So, it was an issue with my phone after all (or the app actually.)  After disabling it, I left it connected inside the house for several hours with NO disconnections.  I am very happy to say the least.  Now I just need some clear Texas skies so I can actually use the scope!