SkyQ Link 2 - Connect and Alignment issues


    Originally from ticket #26778.

    I use a SkyQ Link 2 Wifi adapter. The only way to connect the SkySafari Software with the telescope seems to be to do the whole procedure of alignment with the iPhone or iPad by using SkySafari. This is a quite uncomfortable, I would prefer to do it by the hand control of NexStar.

    The Software offers two possibilities: "Connect And Align" and "Connect". If I first do the alignment with the hand control and then connect by pressing "Connect" I never have the correct view on the iPhone or iPad. So I can't connect SkySafari to the already aligned telescope.

    Do I something wrong? Is there a possibility to connect to the already aligned telescope?


    Bill Tschumy replies:

    The way Celestron designed this system, you have to do the alignment from the app. The alignment model is stored on the mobile device, not in the mount.

    If you do align using the HC, the two systems will fight each other and you will get strange results.

    When using SkyFi rather than SkyQ Link, you can align using the HC because SkySafari talks to the mount through the HC.

    Bill Tschumy
    SkySafari Developer