Celestron WiFi + SkySafari Set Time and Location option = Fail


    Originally from ticket #26039.

    Hello. I have SkySafari Plus, v4.4.7 installed on my Android phone. I'm using it to control my Evolution scope via WIFI. I have two questions that I'd like to ask.

    The Help file says that the setting, Scope Setup --> 'set time and location' will send the time and location to the scope. Is this also supposed to to send this info to the hand controller? Reason I ask is, I have found it does not. So if I use the hand controller after using WIFI the hand controller does not "remember" the time and location from when I used it through WIFI and SkySafari.

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    Bill Tschumy replies:


    No, when you are using the Celestron Wi-Fi option the hand controller is totally out of the picture. We don't communicate with it in that case. We should probably disable that option when the Celestron Wi-Fi is chosen.

    It is very important not to align with the hand controller before connecting via the Evo Wi-Fi. Doing so will cause the two systems to fight each other, causing inconsistent results.

    Bill Tschumy
    SkySafari Developer