Polar alignment with SkyPortal and StarSense over the SkyLink + SkySafari 4 = NO


    Originally from ticket #26618.

    Kit list.
    SkyPortal and SkySafari 5 Pro on iOS devices.
    SkySafari 4 Plus on iMAC
    Skylink (MkI) WiFi plugged into the AVX mount.
    Celestron Starsense.

    If I perform the polar alignment with SkyPortal and StarSense over the SkyLink, can I then use SkySafari 4 on the iMac to target objects?


    Bill Tschumy replies:

    No, this will not work. When you do an alignment with SkyPortal or SkySafari when connected to a Celestron Wi-Fi scope, information about the alignment is stored in the app itself. So connecting from a different app will not have the required information.

    We will be releasing a SkySafari 5 for Mac in about a month that will support the StarSense alignment. Hopefully that will eliminate the desire to use two different apps.

    Bill Tschumy
    SkySafari Developer