SkySafari 5 Pro OS X vs Takahashi Temma

    Bill Tschumy (assign)

    I was investigating the Bluetooth problem.  I *think* the issue is that the Mac version doesn't know it is talking through a bluetooth device and doesn't configure the SkyBT to the correct baud rate and parity that the Temma 2 wants.  The Temma wants:

    19200 baud
    Even parity

    You can configure the SkyBT yourself and that is how I got it working.  I will talk with the guy that writes the scope control code to see if we can somehow fix this on Mac.

    Anyway, what you need to do is get a serial control program on your Mac.  I use SerialTools by Control Technologies.  You can get this for free from the Mac App Store.

    0. Make sure the SkyBT is paired.
    1. Run SerialTools and turn on the SkyBT
    2. Choose FireFly-XXXX from the Serial Port list
    3. Click Connect.
    4. You should see the flashing green light on SkyBT go solid if it connects
    5. In the Text area of SerialTools, type "$$$".  This wakes up the device and puts it in programming mode.  You should see "CMD" echoed.
    6. Type "SU,19600" and hit return.  This sets the baud rate
    7. Type "SL,E" and hit return.  This sets the parity.
    8. Type "d" and return.  This should list the settings.  Make sure baud rate is 19200 and parity is even.

    You can now disconnect from the SkyBT in SerialTools.  Turn the SkyBT off.

    Now turn it back on and try it from SkySafari.  It should work now.

    As I said, I will see if we can make the Mac version automatically configure this like it does on Android.  I believe this was just an oversight caused by the fact that Mac hides the fact that we are actually talking through bluetooth to the mount.

    Let me know how it goes.

    Bill Tschumy
    SkySafari Developer
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