SkyFi Troubleshooting Checklist (Before Returning Merchandise Authorization)


    Here's a quick checklist of items to review and answer prior to sending SkyFi for RMA:

    1) Has the unit been dropped at any time?
    2) Hold the unit and move it around in a figure eight motion slowly. If you hear movement inside the unit then a component has come loose. This could be related to #1 above. 
    3) Fully charge the unit, then do a full reset. 
    4) Power on the unit and log into its embedded web page. 
    5) Connect to a telescope mount and test using SkySafari. Preferably check both rs232 and usb! 
    6) If the firmware is older, flash with the latest firmware available. 
    7) Fully reset and then re-test the unit with telescope mounts.

    For items #1/#2, if the you have had the skyfi for a while it has most likely gone through a drop scenario.

    For items #3-#7, it is very rare for something to fail here. If it does, it could mean some kind of circuit issue.

    When sending for RMA after these steps result in failure, provide any other information you can from what you observe about the unit.



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      Carl David Wolf

      how do I do log on to embedded page or check and/or update firmware on skyfi ii

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      Ian Morris

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      Ian Morris

      I have been charged multiple items I only requested as above peas issue refund

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      Ian Morris

      Requested refunds from apple for excess to required items