Selection Help > Graph Object Help


    The Graph offers a way of examining changes in an object's qualities over time. The horizontal axis of the Graph always plots time, while the vertical axis plots altitude in the sky.

    Plotting An Object On The Graph

    Tap an object in the sky chart you wish to plot and then select the 'info' button. In the Object Info view, select "Graph Object" from the More button located at the bottom right of the screen. The Graph will open displaying a plot of your object.

    You can also add the "Graph" option to the Tap & Hold object select menu. You can turn this option on or off using the "Configure Selection Menu" under Settings > Appearance & Behavior.

    Using the Graph

    Only one selected object can be plotted on the Graph at any one time. For reference, the Moon and Sun are always plotted. You can select which objects are plotted by tapping on the switches found on the upper left of the graph.

    Pinch with two fingers to zoom in or out on the graph.

    The horizontal axis plots time, with the current time at the Graph's center. Swipe left or right with one finder to adjust the time.

    Press Done when you are finished with the Graph.